Aquabrite® Super Algaequell Algaecide 7%

 Super strength non-foaming algaecide that kills and prevents pool algae. Effective in tough algae infestation (7% copper content).

Aquabrite® Quad 30 Algaequell Algaecide

 A non-foaming full strength algaecide for preventing the growth of algae. Works in all pool types. 

Aquabrite® Quad 60 Algaecide

 A non-foaming full strength non-metallic algae preventative and maintenance for all around use in pools.

Aquabrite® Quat 50 Algaecide

 Economical, non-metallic algaecide. Ideal for pool closing. Safe for use with Baquacil™ 

Aquabrite® Yellow Quell

 Non-metallic product used to enhance chlorine. Use on problem pools to eliminate green water and yellow scum. A non-foaming, full strength, non-metallic algae preventative and maintenance for all around use in pools. 

Specialty Chemicals


Specialty Chemicals


Aquabrite® Salt Care

Inhibited acid system recommended for cleaning and preserving all salt cells.

Aquabrite® Stainsol

Concentrated formula for preventing scale formation and staining from iron, copper, manganese, excessive calcium. Ideal for pool start ups. Recommended maintenance for all pools.  

Aquabrite® Stain Oust

Powerful multi-surface stain remover that works on difficult stains. This formula is used extensively by professional pool service companies. 

Aquabrite® Sandscrubber

Removes oils and grease from all sand filters to promote better filtration. Thoroughly cleans sand to extend sand life. Especially beneficial at the end of swim season before winterization.

Aquabrite® Super Clarifier

Super-concentrated, liquid clarifier for use in pools. Only 1 ounce per 6,000 gallons is needed to produce clear, sparkling water. 20% stronger than leading brands. 

Aquabrite® Super Floc-Out

Non-Alum liquid floc. Quickly clears cloudy water by dropping debris to bottom of pool so it can be vacuumed out. Works overnight to restore clear water. 

Aquabrite® Foamquell

Eliminates annoying foam caused by oils and
algaecides in spas and pools.

Aquabrite® A+ Stain Remover

Used for the ultimate removal of stains in all applications. Especially beneficial for stains on steps, vinyl liners, skimmers and fittings 

Aquabrite® Metal Out Plus

Professional strength formula for preventing and removing scale formation and staining from iron, copper, manganese and excessive calcium. 

Aquabrite® Phosphate Remover

Eliminates phosphates from pools. Without phosphates it is impossible for algae to grow.  

Aquabrite® Tile and Vinyl Cleaner

Extra thick professional formula for cleaning tile and vinyl. Regular use extends liner life and beauty. Works on all pool finishes. 

Aquabrite® Pool-Zyme

Multi-purpose formula for removal and prevention of scum along pool surface. Quickly eliminates oils, lotions, greases, light scale and stains. Concentrated for pools and spas. Used extensively
in commercial pools with high bather loads

Sanitizers & Oxidizers


Aquabrite® Concentrated Dy-Chlor Granular

 99% dichlor, 56% available chlorine, granular STABILIZED chlorine, quick dissolving, no residue, pH neutral. 

Aquabrite® Concentrated 1" 99% Trichlor Tabs

STABILIZED tabs, 90% available chlorine, when conditions require a faster erosion rate, slow dissolving, recommended for maintaining daily swimming levels of chlorine.  

Aquabrite® Concentrated 3" 99% Trichlor Tabs

Compressed 3" 8 oz STABILIZED tabs 90% available chlorine, slow dissolving, recommended for maintaining daily swimming levels of chlorine, ideal for automatic chlorinators  

Aquabrite® Concentrated 99% Trichlor Sticks

Slow dissolving, STABILIZED, compressed sticks 90% available chlorine, slow dissolving even erosion in automatic chlorinators or floaters. Recommended for maintaining daily swimming levels of chlorine. 

Aquabrite® Granular Calcium Hypochlorite

68% and 73% available chlorine, non-stabilized. Great for shocking and killing algae. Restores water sparkle and oxidizes organic matter. 

Aquabrite® Non-Chlorine Shock

Granular non-chlorine shocking compound, oxidizes contaminates that
cause cloudy water. Restores water sparkle without increasing
chlorine. No extended wait time to swim.  


Aquabrite® Chlorine Stabilizer

Aquabrite® Chlorine Stabilizer

Aquabrite® Chlorine Stabilizer

100% cyanuric acid stabilizer for reducing chlorine loss to the sun. Also required with salt generators. 

Aquabrite® pH Increaser

Aquabrite® Chlorine Stabilizer

Aquabrite® Chlorine Stabilizer

A granular product for raising the pH of pool water. 

Aquabrite® pH Decreaser

Aquabrite® Chlorine Stabilizer

Aquabrite® pH Decreaser

A granular product for raising total alkalinity in pool water. Helps prevent staining, corrosion and pH changes. 

Aquabrite® Calcium Plus

Aquabrite® Calcium Plus

Aquabrite® pH Decreaser

 Raises calcium hardness of pool water to aid in the prevention of corrosion, etched plaster and other problems resulting from low calcium hardness. Add directly to the deep end of pool water. 

New Eco-Bag for 2019

Aquabrite® Calcium Plus

New Eco-Bag for 2019

  • Uses 70% less plastic than conventional packaging
  • Sold by the case
  • See new bags!

Chemical Training

Aquabrite® Calcium Plus

New Eco-Bag for 2019

Need to find out more about the chemicals required to maintain your water chemistry?



Staining Issues

One of our Aquabrite dealers encountered a fiberglass pool with significant staining.


Visible Results

The dealer added our A+ Stain Remover to the pool and went to his truck. After only ten minutes, he returned to these results!